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  • Ford Identifies Optimal Location For EV Charge Ports

    When it’s time to charge their cars, owners of the Ford Focus Electric or C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid will find the charge port to be right where they need it, according to Ford. Engineers placed charge ports on the left front fender of these vehicles to ensure the ports were in the best possible place […]

  • Ford F-150 V6s Are Outselling V8 Models

    In May, Ford sold more F-150 full-size pickups with V6 engines than traditional V8 power plants. As gas prices hover near $4.00 in many parts of the country, more truck buyers appear to be gravitating toward Ford’s more fuel-efficient offering. According to, Ford’s new 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection V6 engine made up 41 […]

  • Ford Recycling Efforts: The Latest Coverage

    It now looks as if Ford has pulled the rug out right from under the competition once again, thanks to the now industry first use of cylinder-head covers made completely from recycled carpeting. It’s yet another way the great automaker is remaining true to its commitment to “limit, reuse and recycle” its way to a […]

  • All-New Ford Focus Wins ‘Top Safety Pick’ Award

    Safety was a priority when engineers were developing the all-new 2012 Ford Focus. That determination to make it one of the safest compact cars on the road has not only led to a Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, but also the five-star overall safety rating from the Euro NCAP. […]

  • Ford Demonstrates The Future Of Car-To-Car Communication

    Ford believes that “talking cars” that can communicate with each other will be essential to highlight hazards to other motorists and improve safety. The Blue Oval’s innovative technology that enables this communication was recently demonstrated in Europe, where the automaker illustrated advantages to this technology beyond safety, including improving traffic flow and reducing CO2 emissions. […]

  • Ford Researchers Develop Car Seat That Detects Heart Attacks

    In an effort to reduce the number of accidents caused by heart attacks at the wheel, Ford researchers have developed a car seat that monitors heart activity. Although the project is still in its early stages, its contactless heart monitoring is accurate 98 percent of the time, according to Ford. Engineers from Ford’s European Research […]

  • Ford Survey: Safer Teen Driving Starts With Parents

    When it comes to giving driving advice to teens, “do as I say, not as I do” is a definite non-starter. Children learn many of their parents’ habits, including driving habits, simply by observing what the adults do in a similar situation. And it turns out that what parents are doing isn’t always all that […]

  • New Shelby GTS: Affordable Shelby Performance For Today’s Ford Mustang

    Gearheads today know that seeing the iconic “Shelby” name on hi-po Fords like the Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 guarantees some serious upgrades have been added to the Mustang mix. But at the same time, they also know the cars’ MSRPs have been seriously upgraded to match. Which is where the all-new Shelby GTS comes […]

  • Supercharged 4.6L Two-Valve Motor – 2V Or Not 2V

    With the introduction of the new 5.0L, Four-Valve Coyote motor, the original Two-Valve has taken yet another step back in terms of popularity. The Three- and Four-Valve variants get all the publicity since they offer greater potential, but does that mean we should summarily dismiss the Two-Valve? Not hardly, as the Two-Valve remains popular due […]

  • 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 – King Snake

    There is one main question that haunts all warm-blooded American powered muscle car owner. And that is, can I beat this guy? Most Shelby GT500 mustang owners pride themselves on being able to answer the hypothetical question with, well a mild degree of certainty that yes, they probably can whip whomever pulls alongside them. Andy […]