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  • Ford Demonstrates The Future Of Car-To-Car Communication

    Ford believes that “talking cars” that can communicate with each other will be essential to highlight hazards to other motorists and improve safety. The Blue Oval’s innovative technology that enables this communication was recently demonstrated in Europe, where the automaker illustrated advantages to this technology beyond safety, including improving traffic flow and reducing CO2 emissions. […]

  • New Shelby GTS: Affordable Shelby Performance For Today’s Ford Mustang

    Gearheads today know that seeing the iconic “Shelby” name on hi-po Fords like the Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 guarantees some serious upgrades have been added to the Mustang mix. But at the same time, they also know the cars’ MSRPs have been seriously upgraded to match. Which is where the all-new Shelby GTS comes […]

  • Supercharged 4.6L Two-Valve Motor – 2V Or Not 2V

    With the introduction of the new 5.0L, Four-Valve Coyote motor, the original Two-Valve has taken yet another step back in terms of popularity. The Three- and Four-Valve variants get all the publicity since they offer greater potential, but does that mean we should summarily dismiss the Two-Valve? Not hardly, as the Two-Valve remains popular due […]

  • Ford’s Aero Efforts Target Higher Fuel Efficiency

    Don’t look now, but it turns out that Ford’s ability to deliver one of the industry’s most fuel-efficient lineups is partly based on cheating—cheating the wind, that is. The company’s extensive focus on aerodynamics is a key reason that Ford products achieve class-leading or unsurpassed fuel efficiency in every segment in which they compete. Take […]

  • Ford Produces Fiestas In Record Time

    Today Ford is celebrating the production of its one millionth Fiesta at its Cologne, Germany plant. The facility produced its one millionth Fiesta just 33 months after the first car rolled off the line. Since Ford first began production of the Fiesta, more than six million have been produced. The Fiestas built in Cologne are […]

  • Project Repeat Offender Electrical System – Prisoner Of Wire

    Though we vowed to have dyno numbers for you this month on our True Street project, we’ve been a little tied up. Actually, we’ve been working hard on Repeat Offender and time slipped right through our hands. What we were able to finish this month will be helpful. The massive stock wiring harness was chock-full […]

  • 1986 Mercury Capri – Force-Fed Monster

    The combination of 20 pounds of boost, 427 ci, and 1,270 rwhp is enough to make just about any power junky drool. Add the fact that this all sits in a lightweight Fox chassis, and the excitement factor jumps up a few notches, and what started as a mild-mannered bracket car, has transformed into one […]

  • Servicing The Fleet

    MM&FF command center in Tampa, Fl is where our fleet of project vehicles now call home. Although the move from the New Jersey office went relatively smoothly, some of the projects need a little post-move service. I don’t know if the climate change has played its part on the cars (and truck) that have made […]

  • Should Police Vehicles Get Better Fuel Economy?

    Since the all-new Ford Police Interceptors were first announced in 2010, there has been quite a bit of conversation about the new vehicles. Here’s something new for discussion – the Police Interceptor sedan and utility is expected to deliver average fuel economy gains of between 20 and 25 percent better than the Crown Victoria police […]

  • Lightning And A Bottle – 2001 Ford F150 Lightning

    Now here’s a truck we can really get behind. Not only does Tom Lawson’s ’01 Lightning look the part of a show truck, it’s taken everything that was good about Ford’s muscle truck one step further. Actually, it’s more like several steps, but you get the idea. Using the Lightning as a stepping off point, […]