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History of the Ford Capri (1968-1986)

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Actually, it is very difficult to describe the complete Ford Capri history of England and Germany in a few words.
Since it’s a piece of the attitude to life.

After all, between 1969 (1966) and 1986 almost 2 million Ford Capri with different model series, types were built,
Motors, accessories, finishes, equipment, and colors produced.

From 1950 to 1959 there had already been a Capri at Fords American noble brand Lincoln.

And Ford Great Britain had already introduced a futuristic and ingenious 2+2 coupé of the same name in the early sixties, based on the Consul.

The actual Ford Capri story of the European “Pony Car” begins in the USA on April 17,1964 with the great success of today’s classic Ford Mustang.

Originally the new car was supposed to be called Colt, but Mitsubishi had already occupied it.
The presentation took place on January 21st 69 in Bonn.
In the first few months, more than 50’000 cars were ordered. Production had already started in 1968.

The pleasing body shape with the long bonnet and short rear end was well received by the audience.
Many a father of a family decided on the Capri – in which car with a sports car feeling was it possible to comfortably accommodate a family of four?
And what about the 6,995 D-Mark for the 1.3-litre version? This one had only 52 hp and needed 24 seconds to get from zero to 100, but the sportiness could be worked
out in this car.

Ford Capri I - II - III
Advertising photo of the Ford Capri model range I – III (1969 – 1986)

As a pony car for Europe, Ford Germany and Ford England are developing the legendary Ford Capri for almost 200 million DM. From the main factory in Cologne-Niehl comes the engine, transmission and bodywork. While parts of the chassis, primarily the rear axle, are manufactured in the Düren branch plant. Ford Germany alone will employ around 1800 new employees.

The Ford Capri history by models and in motorsport


Capri I 
(1969 – 1974)

Capri II
(1974 – 1978)

1969 Ford Capri MkI

1974 Ford Capri MkII 1600

Capri III (II/78)
(1978 – 1986)


1982 Ford Capri MkIII 2800i

Ford Motorsport - Touring Cars


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