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  • Ford recalls 200 Ford GT’s

    Ford is recalling 200 of its six-figure GT supercars due to hydraulic fluid leaks that can cause fires, the automaker said Wednesday. The recall affects about 176 vehicles in the United States and 18 in Canada, all built from Dec. 20, 2016 through July 31, 2018. In vehicles affected by the problem, hydraulic fluid may leak […]

  • John Cena’s Ford GT finally got sold

    After multiple ownerships and half a year of legal battles over who or what company should rightfully own it, the 2017 Ford GT first bought by pro wrestler John Cena went to auction over the weekend in Monterey, California. It sold for $1.435 million, or nearly $1 million more than Cena originally paid for it. The car went through several owners before auction, […]

  • Ford & Autodromo Collaborate on a Watch for Ford GT Owners

    Ford collaborated with automotive accessory maker Autodromo to create a chronograph wristwatch exclusive to owners of the new Ford GT, with pre-orders opening this summer. The timepiece will be highly customizable to suit the buyer’s tastes, and even those without the pre-requisite car can spec out a virtual model using this web site. The first thing that sets […]

  • Camilo Pardo’s Ford GT goes for Auction

    Ford had to pick you if you wanted the privilege of spending half a million bucks on a the current Ford GT. That wasn’t the case with the 2005-2006 generation of the car. Should you find an earlier example for sale, you should still expect to dish out maximum dough as the value of the original […]

  • New GT for Ford?

    Rumors are circulating in Dearborn that Ford Motor Company is considering a new, high-priced, low-volume halo car to follow up the GT40-inspired Ford GT built for its 100th anniversary in 2003. The new model may not be a traditional performance car. Some high-level execs within the Blue Oval are suggesting the next halo should be […]