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What’s the difference between Ford GT and the Ford GT40?

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Published on June 29, 2018 with No Comments

It’s hard to update the original concept, but time and technology can put grand demands on a machine as championed as the Ford GT40.

There were only 108 GTs built, one of which we were fortunate to get our hands on. We brought a 1969 streetwise model out on the open road and riding alongside it we had the new Ford GT. We took the road from London to Le Mans, the most meaningful route for any Ford GT.

GT stands for Gran Turismo, and the 40 reveals the car’s height to the ground in inches. Had it followed this logic, the new version would have been named the GT43. But traditions have to be broken.

This is just the first difference between the two. The new one is also longer, wider and boasts a greater wheelbase than the original.

The exterior retouches were to be expected. But what of the interior? Here the separation was greater, and the first change is with the steering wheel position. All the 108 GT40s built were right-hand drive, whereas the new GT (4,500 units produced, 101 of which were sold in Europe) has left-hand drive.

Materials and finish in the new GT are as far removed as the GT40 can be without totally rewriting its DNA.

The complex instrument panel carries the strongest hint of its design origions with the rev counter in the centre and the speedometer in the far right-hand corner.

Both cars can reach more than 160mph but the GT40 valiantly shows 220mph on its speedometer whereas the modern car is more modest, indicating “only” 170mph.

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